PHPX Up and Running Again

After several years of work, but also letting PHPX as a project just hang out there (thank you to all the loyal users), I have started working on it again.  I will be shortly releasing the beta version and fixing up this website again.


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WordPress Plugin MultiX 0.3 Relased

After just over two years, I have finally released another version of MultiX, the WordPress plugin that gives to the ability to have single sign on between multiple different WordPress installations, regardless of where they are housed or what database they are using.

Version 0.3 is now out with a couple of new and very important features:

  1. Added a Dashboard Widget, making it even easier to find and login to your other WordPress websites
  2. Created an Auto-Add feature making it MUCH easier to create a trust relationship between sites

The other change has to do with the upcoming release of PHPX, a framework for WordPress developers.

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Holiday Hours

With the holidays rapidly approaching, I wanted to take a moment to go over office closures and such for XM Tek’s Flower Mound office.

XM Tek’s Flower Mound office will be closed the following dates:

November 15-19 for travel
November 24-26 for Thanksgiving

December 23 – January 3 for Christmas and New Years

Emergency numbers are in place and we can be contacted using them for outages or other critical emergencies.  Otherwise, please call or email and we will get back to you.

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New Hosting Packages and Prices

First of all, thank you for being an XM Tek customer, we really appreciate your business.

This has been an exciting year for us as we have grown and developed new products and offerings to help your business. One of these new offerings is managed hosting.

Most of you have been enjoying the benefits of managed hosting all along, but due to time and server costs increases, we face the hard issue of having to charge for it starting January 1, 2011.

With managed hosting, we will take care of all your systems administration tasks, at least once a month to ensure everything you have on our servers is running at its most secure and most efficient. If you have WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PHPX, or other software installed, we will continue to keep it up to date and secure, in addition to managing your email accounts and databases. In fact, little will change from a service standpoint other than we will be more diligent about it as it is now a charged service.

If you do not have any software installed above what came with the server, or do not require us to manage it for you, then nothing will change. The prices for un-managed services are remaining the same.

To view our new packages and prices, please go to our Web Hosting page.

If you would like a good example of another hosting company that does managed hosting, especially WordPress, please check out Media Temple.  I do not think though, they actually keep your WP install up to date, they just support it better than most hoses.

If you wish to keep being a managed hosting customer, your price would normally increase by around 100%, but since you are a valued customer, the price increase will be only 50%. This offer is only valid for current customers electing to move to managed hosting effective Jan. 1 2011.

In December, we will be sending the annual invoices. The new prices will be reflected there. If you do not wish to keep all the same great services, please let us know, and will make sure to drop your account to un-managed hosting to keep your price the same, but also move the responsibly of administration to you.

Also, effective Jan 1 2011, all support requests must go through our support portal. You will be emailed a username and password in December. This system allows us to better track and respond to your requests, as well as ensure someone is watching the queue versus emailing someone (usually Ryan) directly.

Thank you for your business, have a great holiday season, and we look forward to being your IT partner in 2011.


The XM Tek Team
Ryan, Jessica, Von, Tony, and Illianna

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Website Redesign & Shuffle

As we have worked to spin off the various parts of the company based on their core roles, we have redesigned and shuffled the content on this website to more closely reflect what it is we do here.

These changes are to better serve our customers and clients through our various companies.  The old Oil & Gas Division is now XM Tek Energy Services and can be found at

This website,, is for our digital agency clients to get a better understanding of how we work with technology to better their businesses and bottom lines.

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BookX 1.5 Released

BookX 1.5 has been released.  It contains three bug fixes:

Fixed No Image on Details Bug (Issue 55)
Fixed ISBN fail roll over bug (Issue 57)
Fixed yet another division by 0 bug (Issue 56)

Since all of those are fairly major bugs, go Download the new version now.

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BookX 1.3 Released

BookX 1.3 is now available for download.  It is a fairly major bug fix, so go get it, now!

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BookX 1.2 Released

BookX 1.2 contains two bug fixes, one of which is a fatal error due to B&N changing the way they displayed books.  It has been resolved and I highly recommend updating.  In fact, to be honest, you dont have a choice, since all previous verisions do not work after B&N’s change.

As usual, Download Here

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Office Closure

Our Dallas Office will be closed from Friday, August, 13th until Tuesday, August, 24th for our employees to take vacations before school starts.

All functions will resume on Wednesday, August, 25th.

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XM Tek Closed on July 5th

In observance of Independence Day, XM Tek offices will be closed on Monday, July 5th.  They will open at 9a CDT on July 6th.

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