What phpX is

phpX is a WordPress development framework released freely with the intention of creating standardized, easy to use, easy to develop software based on the WordPress platform.  It is made freely available and open to extension by anyone.  In the coming months, as the project nears the initial release, we will be posting more information.

What phpX is not

phpX is not a replacement for WordPress or any other CMS.  It is merely a set of tools to enable developers of plugins to more efficient manage their time by making repetitive and stylistic tasks more accessible and quickly accomplished.

The phpX Team

The phpX team is headed by Xnuiem, a PHP developer and Project Manager with over 15 years of web development experience including PHP, Python, Jython, Perl, JAVA, C#, and C.

Other contributors and members of the team include developers working within the WordPress project and Yahoo!.  You do not need an impressive resume to contribute to the project, just passion and impressive coding skills.