WordPress Plugins

These are all plugins for the WordPress CMS/Blogging system.

An easy way to show Subversion repositories from within your WordPress website.  It is based on WebSVN, but displays through WordPress instead of standalone.

A very lightweight script to integrate your CellarTracker wine inventory onto your site. This script goes out once a day, either using cron or just user events, and grabs your inventory from CellarTracker and displays the results on your page, in your page. To see a demo click on the Wine Cellar link at the top of this page.

Since it seemed like Email Users doesn’t work for 2.7+, this is the replacement. It is simple to use, basically just install, select some users (or all of them) and send the email.

A lightweight script enabling your WP installation to rotate between two themes based on the time of day. This site currently is using this plugin to rotate between a day and night theme.

BookX creates an easy way to give your site visitors a peek at your recommended books. Using only ISBN numbers, it gets the information from Barnes and Noble (http://www.bn.com) and creates a very information and feature rich listing system.

A lightweight script to allow for the seamless administration of multiple WordPress websites that can reside on different servers and databases.

USecureX allows for the creation of user groups, then by adding users and pages to those groups, only those users can view that page. There is no (realistic) limit to the number of groups you can create.

A lightweight plugin that will add the submit buttons for Digg, Stumble, Del.icio.us, Slashdot, Twitter, Mixx, Dzone, Sphinn, Google, and Technorati to the bottom of posts.

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All of these plugins are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)